Reclean a Leading Brisbane Roof Cleaning and Gold Coast Roof Cleaning Company

Services that we offer

Reclean specialise in high pressure roof cleaning and chemical roof cleaning in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Have your roofs colour and appearance restored, prevent damaging lichen and mould build up and prolong the life of your paint.

Your home is your biggest asset; your roof shields your family from the harsh Australian climate.  Our roof cleaning process washes away harsh dirt and our cleaning solution sanitises all surfaces killing microscope mould spores, which is essential for hygiene and beneficial to asthmatics.

Call 1300 303 149 today or complete our quick quote request form to get your roof looking like new again.

Our machines are water efficient; our cleaning solution contains a blend of plant derived detergents and diluted bleach.  We can provide you with an accurate price by on-site quoting or off-site quoting using up to date satellite images, to gauge the scale and complexity of your residential or commercial roof.

Reclean provides exceptional services that give your home a “facelift” without the stress or cost of repainting. Best of all you don’t even need to be home while we complete the job!

Commercial & Industrial Services

Reclean’s roof cleaning services around Brisbane and the Gold Coast perform in any situation from heavy duty industrial roof cleaning to commercial building roof cleaning. We can identify your potential problem areas and help you maintain a safe and healthy work environment, which will not only protect, but promote your corporate image.

Commercial Roof Rust Stain Removal

RoofRenew is our very own proprietary process that we developed for removing surface rust from brand new roofs on large scale commercial and residential developments. Nothing matches our results. For most sites, our task-specific rust removal for new roofs takes just one day. We turn up, do the job and leave your new roof rust-free and ready for inspection.

Body Corporate Services

Reclean can help you with your upcoming AGM. We can help you protect your residents by removing any potential problem areas and turning your Brisbane property or Gold Coast property from unsafe to safe.

Real Estate Services

Reclean can significantly increase the curb appeal of any Brisbane or Gold Coast property, adding value prior to any sale or rental. First impressions are an essential part of any property viewing, so give yourself an advantage without breaking the bank and talk to us today.

Residential Services

Reclean offers an extensive range of external cleaning to suit your budget and your needs. Our staff are experienced and friendly. From the top of your roof to the end of your driveway; the exterior of your property is our speciality.

High Pressure Cleaning of Tiled Roofs

High Pressure Cleaning of Colorbond Roofs