Body Corporate Roof Cleaning Services in Brisbane and Gold Coast

“Common Area is your livelihood and our speciality”

Have you got an upcoming AGM that we can help with?  Let us help you by submitting a competitive quote to put forward to your owners and the Body Corporate Committee…

We will take the fuss out of it for you and make your life easier, freeing you up to concentrate on other stresses that the Annual General Meetings throw at you.

The appearance of your building has a big impact on the image you portray.  a clean, brand-new looking building will allow you to display your expectations and attract the right residents.  Dirty and mouldy paths not only look horrid, but they are dangerous, slippery and a hazard waiting to happen.  We can assess your situation, look at your risk factors and see where your potential underlying problems are.  We can turn your property from unsafe to safe in as little as a few hours.

To avoid an unnecessary mishap, protect your residents, and prolong the life of your building, regular upkeep and maintenance can prevent needless down time and serious threats to resident welfare.  What these setbacks have in common is that thorough planning can prevent them.

Our external cleaning services accommodate a large range of properties, from unit blocks, shopping centres, warehouses, and office complexes around Brisbane and the Gold Coast to name a few.

Reclean endeavours to maintain a safe and healthy work environment at all times, including safe work method statements, site safety inductions, safety gear along with well-maintained machinery and equipment.

Fully insured, we provide a guaranteed, high quality, personalised roof cleaning and pressure cleaning service.

Benefits of using Reclean

  • Promote and protect your corporate image
  • Protect your assets and prolong your paint life
  • Cost effective way to gain a massive improvement in the appearance of your building
  • High pressure cleaning or chemical cleaning; have your roof look like new for a fraction of the cost of a new roof or restoration
  • Restore your roofs colour and appearance
  • Help to identify any underlying roof issues
  • Maintain a safe and healthy environment
  • Tailored services to suite your residents, your building, your budget, and your needs, from one-off emergencies through to routine maintenance

We have the experience and the equipment; we provide a high quality, personalised service that is customised to suit your specific needs and requirements.

The appearance of your building or complex has a big impact on your residents and your business, keep your property’s exterior looking its best with a stress-free maintenance agreement from Reclean.

Other Body corporate Services

Building Washing

Promote and protect your corporate image.  Increase the value and curb appeal of your property overnight.

  • Extend the life of your paintwork by up to ten years
  • Wash away built up mould, dirt, rust and grime from  your building
  • Attract potential residents
  • Adhere to by-laws and work place health and safety
  • Hygiene and health benefits – for people with asthma, inhaling mould spores can cause an asthma attack

External cleaning is the most cost effective way to gain an instant improvement of your property’s appearance.

Pressure Cleaning

Surfaces covered in dirt, mould and mildew are a health and safety issue; they are a hazard and can be costly.

We can pressure clean your external hard surfaces around your complex, not only making them visually pleasing; we can help you protect your residents by removing any potential problem areas.

  • Revamp your common BBQ area and playground area with high pressure cleaning
  • Refresh pool areas, front entries, and common courtyards
  • Renew patios, decks and awnings
  • Removing built up grime will make your outdoor surfaces shine and reduce the risk of slips and falls
We can pressure clean a large range of surfaces including :

Driveways and Car Parks / Paths / Common Areas / Bricks and paver’s / Pebble Crete and Stencil Crete / Sandstone / Exposed Aggregate / Retaining Walls / Pool Areas / Pergola and Patio Areas / Fencing

Upon booking with us. we will send you our “External Cleaning Preparation” information, which explains everything your residents need to know to protect their property before our arrival.

We can send you a reminder when its time to have your external surfaces re-cleaned, so you don’t need to worry.  It’s as easy and “yes please” or “opt out”.

From a one off clean to a regular maintenance cleaning schedule; we can help you keep the external of your property hazard free and looking great!