Home Roof Cleaning Services in Brisbane and Gold Coast

We know you take pride in your home!

Roofs are an often forgotten but essential part of your home.  Our leading roof cleaning methods will revive your roof and greatly enhance your property’s curb appeal.  When you hire Reclean you can be sure that you’ve hired people who care as much about their work as you do about your property.

We offer an extensive range of external cleaning solutions, to suit your budget and your needs.  A dirty roof, house or external flooring not only looks ugly, but it’s damaging to your property and dangerous to your family’s health and well being.  Removing the build up of mould spores will give you a healthier home and help keep asthma at bay, reducing allergy flare ups.

The Health Benefits

For people with asthma, inhaling mould spores can cause an asthma attack.  Other possible associated side effects could include, a runny or blocked nose, irritation of the eyes and skin and sometimes wheezing.  In very rare cases, people could develop mould infection, usually in the lungs.

Mould and mildew growth on outdoor flooring looks dreadful, but it’s also a safety issue.  The surfaces become slippery and become a hazard for your family.

We have the experience and equipment to remove the mould from the external of your property, leaving your home not only looking great, but a much healthier and safer place for your family.

We can save you time

We understand that time is precious and you are busy; we are here to take away the unnecessary stress of dealing with the external cleaning of your home.  Whether it’s a roof with lichen, a dirty home or mouldy, slippery surfaces; we can offer you a stress free cleaning solution.  Our services are affordable, we can tailor your cleaning requirements to suit your home and your budget, our staff are experienced and friendly.  The exterior of your property is our speciality.

There are so many benefits by choosing Reclean Roof Cleaning for your external cleaning company.

We can improve the appearance and life of your roof by offering you:
  • A cost effective facelift; increase the value and curb appeal of your home
  • A spruce up of your property for “Pre-Sale”
  • Protection of your biggest asset
  • Removal of ugly and damaging mould and lichen
  • Extension on the life of your paint
  • Removal of unsightly build up caused by grime and pollution
  • Prevention against mould and algae in our humid climate
  • A healthier environment free of mould spores contributing to poor health

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Let us look after you and your property with our expert knowledge and dedication to your external cleaning needs.

Other Residential exterior cleaning services in Brisbane and Gold Coast

House Washing

We do not use high pressure cleaners on the walls and paint work of your home, as we believe this can result in more harm than good.  We only use high pressure cleaners on roofs, cement and other hard surfaces around your home.

The house washing itself is down to good old fashioned hard work, using cleaning solutions and a soft broom to deliver a thorough, but gentle clean to the walls and paint work of your home.

Our cleaning solution is a blend of plant derived detergents and diluted bleach; it is designed not only to clean, but to deter future mildew growth.  The solution breaks down carbon based materials that build up over time, on and around your property, making it damp, dirty and mouldy.

The benefits of a House Wash
  • Extend the life of your paintwork by up to ten years
  • Wash away built up mould, dirt, rust and grime from your home
  • Increase the value and curb appeal of your property
  • Keep your asthma at bay, reducing allergy flare ups
  • Pre-sale cleans can increase the value of your home and sell your property faster
Pressure Cleaning

Pressure clean your outdoor surfaces for an instant improvement on the appearance and safety of your home. Removing built up grime, dirt and mould will make your outdoor surfaces shine and reduce the risk of slips and falls.

For an Instant Improvement
  • Revamp paver’s, brick, sandstone, concrete and tiled areas with high pressure cleaning
  • Renew your old, tired looking driveway
  • Refresh pool areas, pergolas, decks and fences

Book with us and let your surfaces sparkle from only $1.50 per square meter.

We can pressure clean a large range of surfaces including the following :

Driveways and Car Parks / Paths / Bricks and paver’s / Pebble Crete and Stencil Crete / Sandstone / Exposed Aggregate / Retaining Walls / Pool Areas / Pergola and Patio Areas / Fencing

Upon booking with us, we will send you our “External Cleaning Preparation” information, which explains everything you need to know to protect your property before our arrival.

We can send you an annual “it’s time for your External Cleaning” reminder, so you don’t need to worry.  It’s as easy as “yes please” or “opt out”.

Whether it’s a pre-sale clean, general up keep or for that special occasion, Reclean Roof Cleaning are your Brisbane and Gold Coast external cleaning specialists!  We will have your home looking it’s best.