At last, a solution to the problem of rust forming on a brand new commercial roof.

RoofRenew is a proprietary process designed by hardened roof cleaning professionals after years of experience.

It’s a fact that when a new roof is installed, many compromises occur that can’t be prevented. The mechanics of roof installation involve a significant proportion of destruction during construction. Shards of metal fly off the disc grinder and turn red hot on the brand new roof. These shards melt themselves onto the COLORBOND® and not even the heaviest industrial blower will be able to remove them.

You’ve also got plumbers and electricians up there with their tools, air conditioning contractors, steel fabricators and any number of other trades. Welding, grinding and last minute modifications all impact the integrity of a new iron or COLORBOND® roof and it takes mere hours for the rusting process to begin.

From that very evening, dew and humidity will begin corroding those nibs of metal and the next morning, you’ll notice orange rust spots already materialising on your brand new, formerly pristine roof.

If you don’t get that roof looking perfect, no Certifier in his right mind is going to pass it.

Sure, you can send the apprentices and other low wage workers up on the roof to scrub and scour but then you’ll have a different set of issues on your hands.

OHS is just the first challenge.

You might even invest a small fortune in having your subcontractors or even so-called ‘roof cleaning specialists’ tackle the problem and manually clean the roof by hand, with chemicals.

This doesn’t do the job properly.

Let us tell you something. This kind of task requires a specialised process that no ‘garden variety’ roof cleaning contractor can offer.

Don’t waste your money!

You know that if you don’t get that roof up to standard, and quick smart, it’s going to fail inspection. The last thing you want is for the job to be held up.

Job completion delays could cost you big money in fines.

And who are you going to blame for this brand new roof succumbing to rust, literally from Day One? You know very well that no one’s going to put their hand up and say they deliberately – or even unwittingly – caused any harm to that new, incredibly costly roof. They all have a job to do, they’ve been doing it for years and no one’s ever accused them of damaging a brand new roof.​

​For you, as the builder, developer or project manager, it’s time to cut the losses and get on with it. You do, however, have choices.

  • Do you want to fiddle around playing the blame game and trying to get ‘someone’ to fix the roof rust issue? Time costs money.
  • Do you want to send your guys up there with inadequate equipment and chemicals and risk injury or worse? OHS incidents cost money and cause human hardship.
  • Do you want to leave the roof as is and hope it passes muster? The longer you leave it, the worse it’ll look to the Certifier.
  • Do you want to hire a so-called ‘roof cleaning specialist’ who will use inadequate equipment and chemicals and do a superficial job that won’t last? Waste money and get substandard results. OR …
  • Invest in a trusted, proprietary process that is specifically designed for exactly this purpose and have it done right, first time. Costing you the least time, effort and delays.

Over decades in the industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about roof cleaning and we consider ourselves somewhat of an authority on the subject. RoofRenew is our very own proprietary process that we developed for removing surface rust from brand new roofs on large scale commercial and residential developments. Nothing matches our results.

  • Removes construction-instigated rust completely.
  • Eliminates the chance of recurrence of new-roof rust.
  • Renders new roofs passable for certification.
  • SAVES you money thanks to efficiency, results and risk mitigation.

For most sites, our task-specific rust removal for new roofs takes just one day. We turn up, do the job and leave your new roof rust-free and ready for inspection.

Environmentally Sound​ Roof Rust Stain Removal

We are committed to performing environmentally sound work at all times. The active ingredient we use occurs naturally in many plants and vegetables. It has been analysed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and found to not be expected to pose a risk concern, especially to non-target plant and animal species. The report stated that even at its maximum recommended application rate, the chemical would still need to be more than 50 times more concentrated before it posed any level of concern. Additionally, the ingredient biodegrades in water and soil in less than one day.​

In any case, at Reclean™ Roof Cleaning we are always vigilant regarding the runoff of any substances. Wherever required, we divert any runoff away from storm water systems and tanks.

Equipped for all size jobs

Reclean™ Roof Cleaning are equipped with specialised machinery and pumping equipment to clean your new commercial roof of construction-instigated rust, no matter how large the roof. We can deal with all heights and lengths and we will meet the challenge of awkward angles, pitches or locations with professionalism.

​To learn how RoofRenew will save you thousands of dollars while ensuring your expensive new roof passes inspection, contact Reclean™ Roof Cleaning today.

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